I Think I Have Too Many Hobbies and Not Enough Money

For those who don’t know me, I tend to have A LOT of hobbies. I jump around from interest to interest, often cycling between them. Of course this costs a lot of money, which I don’t tend to have available. But this isn’t about saving money, it’s about my doing what I love.

Hobbies Fill My Time

Like I said earlier, my interests vary widely. I’ve gotten into things like guns, photography, cars, sewing, coffee & tea, fashion, audio equipment, movies, and the list can go on and on. Now some of my hobbies can be cheap(ish), like watching movies and listening to music, but others can run up bills pretty quick. I always find myself getting pulled into things with high startup costs–like photography.

Whenever I start researching stuff for a new hobby, I find myself spending a lot of time looking for reviews and information on what to buy  (which is something you could say I enjoy just as much, and I love The Wirecutter). With cameras, I knew I was looking for mirrorless camera that had a small form factor, and I ended up choosing a used Olympus EM5ii with a Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens. It fit my needs, and I love it. Photography has a high start-up cost (potentially), but few recurring costs unless you get bit by the gearbug (like me).

Two cool cameras: Nikon FM-1 and Olympus EM5ii

Hobbies With Reoccurring Costs

Not all of the things I do for fun stop being expensive past the buy in. When it comes to guns and coffee, you find yourself facing reoccurring costs. Being into shooting typically (although you can easily be happy with a .22) rounds up costs like nobody’s business. Heck, I made the mistake in choosing something that shoots full-sized rifle rounds like .308 or 8mm Mauser over something smaller and cheaper like .223/5.56mm or 7.62x39mm. I regularly found myself spending $40+ for one trip for a single rifle (the days of cheap ammo had dried up). Now couple on my other guns and factor in how much I used to shoot (rather often), and I’d be spending hundreds on just ammo. Keep in mind I was a student when this started.

On the other hand, coffee has a cheaper buy in and costs less to keep up. Some equipment will cost a ton of money if you want something good, like a proper espresso machine, but otherwise you’re just buying beans. That said, beans can get quite expensive.

The Hobby Cycle

Considering that I have more hobbies than Jay Leno has cars, I find myself surrounded by a lot of stuff, which doesn’t bother me, but it bothers others. However, what does bother me about it is how much money I spend on things. What interests me tends to go through cycles (some short, some long), but they do usually reappear overtime.

What is actually nice about having all this “junk” lying around is that it’s there for when I want to return to the hobby, which I often do. Sometimes things become mini-“hobbies” when I need to do research, like looking for new computer parts or what jacket to buy. That said sometimes I do find myself selling off older stuff I no longer use.

All in all, I wouldn’t say having too many hobbies is a bad thing, it’s just not ideal. I find myself lacking the dedication to certain things that others have when it comes to singular interests. The biggest downside is I always find myself lacking money. That said, I still love my hobbies; be it shooting a hug of watermelon or taking the perfect picture, it makes me happy.



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