Sun, Cars, and Coffee in West Palm

So recently I found out that there’s a monthly cars and coffee event down in West Palm Beach. Yesterday I decided to go check it out with some guys I know. For those who’ve never heard of “cars and coffee,” a bunch of people gather to show off their rides. They also talk about automobiles in general: the coffee is optional. Since it happens in West Palm, you’ll expect to see people with a lot of money, meaning some expensive and unique cars. Of course I had to bring my Olympus, so prepare for a picture heavy entry.

Needless to Say, Modified Cars are Still Popular

Funnily enough, a group of heavily modified Mazda Miatas from the South Florida group Yata Yakuza caught my eye first. Just about everyone into cars knows about Miatas. An easy to obtain and maintain roadster that’s easy to drive.

There was a shark painted inside the hood.

I fell head over heels for this thing. While it may not be beautiful to most, the amount of attention to detail and thought that went into this car impressed me. To a normal person it may look like a heap, but man this guy loves to work on his car. And just across from it sat a truly carefree, but well maintained example of the modified Miata scene.

Who needs a bumper anyways?

After leaving the group of Miatas, I meandered around, seeing more and more cars. It reminded me of my childhood, and seeing riced out cars in the present was satisfying. Honestly, I’m a sucker for widebodied cars and this GT86 perfected the look. Even though the owner stanced it, this car blew my breath away.

Rice, rice baby.

European Cars Dominated the Scene

Since this went down in West Palm, there were a lot of well cared for European autos on display, both classics and present-day models. If you know me, you know I love the classics: especially Porsches. The classic 911s are some of my favorite rides on the road, and man did I see some gorgeous ones.

It was even better in person.
The contrast really drew the eye.

Now there weren’t just Porsches, there were plenty of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, some Jaguars and Fiats, and even crazier stuff. My favorite car in the show, however,  was a rally-spec, beat to crap, stripped down BMW. This thing just blew my mind. It was dirty, the fender hung off, the inside was gutted, but you know what? I freaking love rally, and this car just spoke to me.

The owner didn’t wash it and that only made it better. This clapped out BMW had seen better days, but man you just knew this thing can haul down a trail. It’s easy to imagine it drifting around a hairpin turn on a dirt road. Heck, medal hung from the mirror. Another favorite of mine is the classic BMW 2002.

The 2002 is just a piece of art.

Rare and Exotic Cars

Remember how I mentioned there were some crazy cars at the show? Not only did an Ariel Atom show up, but multiple McLarens sat around as well.

Gotta stay clean after all.

While not necessarily my cup of tea, modern supercars and hypercars are just astounding. From the extremely careful design to the legacies these brands carry, one can’t help but to love them. Growing up in Florida numbed me a bit to them, I mean Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Maseratis were known to show up time to time at my highschool. But still, they’re awesome.

A true classic.

Of course numerous Shelby Cobras were present, and even a Daytona, but the coolest classic I saw was a Sunbeam Tiger. The best part about it, it wasn’t even a show car: I found it in the lot on my way back to my Civic. This little guy truly represents classic roadsters. Sadly I saw no phone number attached to the “for sale” sign.

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