Moving On

So I’m still in Miami, but I’ve kind of gone full circle. I’m blasting indie/surf rock. If you knew me in high school and knew my friends, you’d know that they were heavily inspired by, well, both of those genres. It’s only fitting that I leave South Florida indulging in the same kinds of music.

The question that’s been on my mind a lot lately is “where the hell do I go from here?”

Where I Wanted to Go vs. Where I Went

Last year I was aiming for New York City, Seattle, Boston, and Dallas. Some of those things haven’t changed, but my biggest aims this year are Portland, Seattle (as long as I-1639 doesn’t pass), and Austin.

While some of the places are the same, I’ve shifted away from certain areas based on personal freedoms. This isn’t a political post, but if you know me I like guns. I pretty much call myself a gun-loving hippie. A city that lets me relax more than the East Coast and take part in one of my favorite hobbies? Yes please.

I wanted to experience a new location, with new people, and slightly different culture when I graduated. You could say that makes up the base of my issue with being back in Florida. Wanting to go literally across the country is about as far as I can get, right?

The Confusing Part

I still have no damn idea where I want to go next. A huge part of me is seriously pushing for Oregon. Others are pushing for Virginia (man how I used to look forward to leaving that place), Texas, Montana (I’m just as confused as you are), or possibly even New Hampshire.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. My tastes (much like my hobbies) are eclectic; my desires only mirror that. I used to make fun of a good friend of mine for being a hipster back in high school, but he definitely rubbed off on me. My friends today call me one for wanting to go to all these different places.

People say it’s normal to not know what you want in life, but I definitely agree with that sentiment. The last time I had any idea was high school. But now? No idea.

What I do know is simple: I want to go somewhere new and experience new things.

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