2 Carshows, 2 Days, 1 Weekend

So last weekend was pretty exciting. My dad and I hit up two local car shows. Expect this to be a photo heavy post much like Sun, Cars, and Coffee in West Palm. The first car show featured Corvettes at the McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, FL and the second was a general car show in Sebastian, FL.

This statue basically sums up how we felt.

Anyways! There won’t be as much text this time, but enjoy the pictures!

McKee’s Corvettes

So the Corvette show had examples ranging from the 1950s to today’s ZR1. It was a bit mind-blowing to see how many different iterations the American classic has gone through. I was never much of a fan of the Corvette (I’ve always been a Mustang guy), but I can’t help but appreciate great engineering.

If you don’t think tail fins are the bomb, we need to have a talk.
Bent needles were something I hadn’t really seen before.

I guess the reason I never felt much for Corvettes is I rarely saw them as a child. One of my Uncle’s can buy and sell one faster than you or I can change socks. But considering the direction they’ve taken the cars in the last decade (design and performance wise), I can’t help but love a good-looking one.

A lot of the cars were bone stock, but a few had some wild modifications done to them–nothing ricey.

A drivable Hot Wheels car!

The aforementioned 2019 Corvette ZR1 , which is a supercar by the way, stole the show for me in terms of performance. It puts out 755 HP, goes 0-60 mph in 2.85 seconds, and tops out at 212 mph. This thing is a beast.

Too good for pictures.
Slap as much carbon fiber on there as you can.

There were also a few bikes there, but hilariously the only thing that drew my attention was this old Solex moped. While not as complex as the Corvettes, bikes are awesome.

This old boy has seen some love.
Have an owl; I may cover the park in the future.

Muscle, Classics, and Older

So day 2 lead us to a car show at an Elks Lodge. There were no elks to be seen so I left immediately (just kidding). Since this was an “open” car show we saw more variety between the cars. This being Central Florida, most of the cars were owned by older folk–meaning there was a lot of American Muscle and Classics to be seen.

Say it with me, “Fins are King.”
Got to have the fuzzy dice.

One of my favorite cars growing up were the old Dodge Chargers. My dad always talks about how he regrets selling both his ’69 Charger and ’67 Dart. Of course there are plenty of both at local car shows; so my dad is always happy to see them.

The darkest green I’ve even seen a Charger.
A light green Dart, a real beauty.
Even the interior is striking (ignore the radio).

Of course there was plenty of other muscle there, including a first generation Mach 1 Mustang and plenty of old Camaros. Mustangs don’t grab my eyes as much these days unless they’re something special like a Boss or a Mach.

I fell in love when I saw this.
The tail lights were the biggest draw for me as a kid.
These guys were pristine.
This 327 can still outrun most cars on the road.

The show wasn’t ALL stock cars. There were a few custom cars there. Ranging from ratrods to engine swaps to custom builds. One guy had even built himself a 1903 Oldsmobile Curved Dash from scratch. It had a whopping 11 hp from a 70s era lawnmower engine–which was still pretty dang cool. Instead of a wheel it had a steering stick.

The whole get up was old school.

Some of the customs were complete sleepers. Bigger engines than you ever expected under the hood. They would certainly be a surprise on a drag strip. My favorite swap was a Miata with an LS6; it only had twice as many cylinders as it originally had.

This wasn’t your average Model T.
Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this.

Those who know my tastes in cars know that it is all over the place, but little roadsters always appeal to me. There was an eye-catching Triumph Spitfire 1500; this thing was both awesome and adorable at the same time.

This picture reminds me a lot of the Sunbeam I saw in West Palm Beach.
Simple but elegant.

Just like in West Palm Beach, a car in the parking lot caught my eye: an imported Suzuki Carry. This little guy was straight from Japan with its right hand drive intact. In Japan you’ll see “kei” cars (essentially mini-cars) occasionally, and this was a kei truck.

More cute than any truck has the right to be.
Small, but functional.

Thanks for sticking with me throughout all this! There are a few more images on my Instagram that I haven’t posted here.

Until next time!




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