On Coffee and an Update

Before I get to talking about the magical bean water known as coffee, I wanted to include a quick update for my site. It’s been way, way too long since I last wrote here. I hope to start updating more frequently. A lot of what’s to come will mostly likely be short rambling blurbs related to things I enjoy or find interesting. What I really want to do is to write more and develop my voice.

Thanks for visiting! Now let’s talk about coffee.

One Coffee, Black, Please

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was like somewhere from 20-22. Before then it was all sodas and energy drinks (who remembers Bawls?). As I aged up in the world (similar to a Sim), I figured I may as well see what the whole shebang was about. So naturally I started with trying to make Cuban style espresso with a moka pot. Both with sugar and just black. Yea.

From there I quickly went into drip coffee and immersion with a French press. I fell in love with black coffee, quickly. Gotta be careful temperature wise as my mouth would and still does burn easy. But man, when I first started drinking coffee it gave me a buzz that even strong energy drink couldn’t. It no longer does that for me anymore after 10 or so years of drinking the stuff. From there I quickly graduated to making my own espresso in my college apartment with a cheap machine I got off craigslist (man I miss that). I’d always use Pilon for that, to this day I still feel like Café Bustelo is roasted to the point that it smells and tastes like the left-over ash from over roasted coffee.

Thinkin’ Bout them Beans

This girl I was talking to at the time got me into cappuccinos because she’d always ask me to make her own when we hung out. It’s still my favorite hot coffee drink to this day. I’ve since gotten rid of that machine (lost some parts after college) and I barely drink them anymore. Man, I miss those days, I made a good cup of coffee.

What’s funny to me is that most coffee doesn’t even seem “bad” to me. Of course, some places just have weak, weak coffee (my beloved aunt’s coffee is just light brown water) and others have something absolutely rank, yet I can still find myself enjoying a cup of instant coffee (G7 or Medaglia d’Oro instant espresso) made using tap water set to its highest setting. Even though I have the super fancy Fellow Ode 2 coffee grinder, I still use k-cups. Even though I love the ritualistic nature, I’m a lazy, lazy dude. I will say that my Nespresso machine can put out some good espresso, or as snobs call it “espresso like.” Dabbling with a French press, Hario switch, or even a tea basket is still fun (the cleanup sucks).

With all that said, I still love a good cup of black coffee, just like I did as a student. Milk is usually added to mask bad coffee or cool it down. Nowadays I usually drink cold brew or iced coffee now, but it’s gotta be black.

A Silly Video

Here’s a link to a goofy coffee adjacent video.

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